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5th November 2020by jamieTBL0g1n
To our amazing friends (aka Tollgate Customers)
As we close our pubs again for the second time this year I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Team Tollgate and myself, to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous support this year and in particularly over the last few days.
For better or worse we accepted closing our pubs again as part of the Governments “lock down strategy” but I never expected to wake up on Sunday morning to find the Government was closing down our only potential income lifeline in stopping the sale of takeaway beers. No such restriction was being forced on off-licences or supermarkets! Such restrictions would have fallen particularly hard on small, independent pubs and breweries like us.
Our cry for help was answered tenfold. An incredible number of you messaged your MP’s and, seeing Pauline Latham, Conservative MP for Mid Derbyshire, the constituency MP of our Duffield pub, the Town Street Tap, standing up in Parliament earlier this week to raise the matter direct with the Prime Minister, was in no small part due to the messages she received from you good folk. We also know that Heather Wheeler, Conservative MP for South Derbyshire, the constituency MP of our brewery and the milking parlour, raised the matter directly with the home office.
So, we now have a much “softer” restriction allowing customers to collect pre ordered beers direct from our pubs. We now have the chance to get through this latest lockdown, for however long it lasts. We reopen on Friday for “click and collect” cask and keg beer in 4-pint takeout’s, plus cider and bottles, served to you in the street from our pub front doors and, whilst I never thought we’d be selling beer like DIY shops sell paint, at least we can!